• Mazak Fabrigear 220V 3D Tube & Pipe Laser (4000 W Laser); Material Sizes from .750″ to 8″ Round or 6’’ Square; Cutting Capabilities:  Steel: .800″ Thick, Stainless: .400″ Thick, Aluminum: .375″ Thick. Can Handle Angle Iron, Channel, I-Beam, Round, Square, Rectangle, and Virtually Any Profile That Fits Within a 6″ Square, 26’ Maximum Raw Material Length. Tapping is possible up to ½’’ or 12mm.
  • BLM LT8; Material Sizes from .50″ to 8.85″ O.D. and up to 26′ in length.  The Machine can handle Angle Iron, Channel, Round, Square, Rectangle, & Custom Profiles. The LT8 is equipped with a fast moving “3D” head, which is extremely effective and precise in cutting a considerable thickness.


  • Tauring Delta 60 CNC-I (Interpolation); Capacity:  Angle Iron max 3.5”x3.5”x.35” (minimum R= 28”), Flats Hard Way max 4”x.5” (minimum R=26”), Pipe sized tube max 2.5” SCH40 tubing (minimum R=16”), Round tube max 4.5” OD .120” wall (minimum R=40”), Square tubing max 3.5”x3.5”x.120” wall (minimum R=40”).
  • Starbend 450 CN6GI Interpolation/Mandrel CNC Bending Machine; Capacity: Round Material 1/4″ – 1 3/4”, Square 1/2’’ – 1 1/4’’, Capable Of Bending Profiles, Extrusions, Flats, Angles, Etc. Wall Thickness Varies Depending Upon Bend Radius Needed.
  • Tauring Alfa 40H1 Roller; Capacity:  Angle Iron 2’’ X 2’’ X .250’’, Flats On Edge 2’’ X .375’’, Flats On Flat 2.375’’ X .750’’, Tubes 2.375’’ x .080 Wall, SQ Tube 1.75’’ X 1.75’’ X .100’’ Wall.


  • Aristo S401 End Former; Segmented Tool Expansion / Reductions Of Up To A 3’’ Dia. Tube To Depth Of 4’’.


  • DAVI “MCA 2520” CNC Four Roll With Crowning Compensation; 8’ X 9/32’’ A-36 Plate Standard Rating. Capacity Varies Depending On Material Thickness, Material Type, Radius, & Width. Max Thickness Is 3/8’’ Plate. Standard Shapes Include Cylinders, Single Radius, Cones, Multiple Radius, Ovals, Squares, Ellipse, Buckets, Etc…


  • Kaltenbach KKS400NA600, Cold Cut-off Saw, 15-3/4” blade, Auto Feed.
  • Behringer HBP430A, Horizontal Band Saw, Auto Feed, 17”x17” w/ vert. clamping.
  • Behringer HBP360A, Horizontal Band Saw, Auto Feed, 14’’x14’’ w/ vert. clamping.