1st Annual TMCO Golf Scramble

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves in the golf outing, thank you so much for your participation. After correcting a couple score cards (which I still have them if anyone wants to take another look) here are the winning teams.

First Flight

Russ Shepard and Marcos Arrecis---- 77

Dan Moore and Todd Blacksher----79

Jerry Reif and Kiley Dodson---- 82

Aaron Eden and Gary Griess----84

Ross Brainard and Sean Smith-----87

Second Flight

Todd Lampe and Tyrone Yelling---89You guys had more pars that’s why you won the tie

Steve Saltzman and Kamal Kambal---- 89

Ryan Zwiener and Ken Inman----91

Joel Wasser and Nate Zubrod----93

Brady Seidler and Khanh Nguyen-----94

David Temme and Diane Temme-----94

Pin Prizes

Ross Brainard--- Hole 1 long putt

Steve Saltzman--- Hole 2 closest to pin from off green

Kamal Kambal--- Hole 3 short drive in fairway

Danny Moore--- Hole 4 long putt

Russ Shepard---Hole 5 closest to pin from off the green

Nate Zubrod--- Hole 6 closest to pin 3rd shot

Ross Brainard---Hole 7 closest 1st shot

Khanh Nguyen---Hole 8 long putt

Kiley Dodson--- Hole 9 short drive in fairway

Diane Temme--- Hole 10 Closest to pin from off green

Tyrone Yelling---Hole 11 long putt

Sean Smith---Hole 12 Closest to pin from off green

Ryan Zwiener---Hole 13 long putt

Gary Griess---Hold 14 Closest to pin 2nd shot

Aaron Eden---Hole 15 Long drive in fairway

Joel Wasser---Hole 16 Long putt

Nate Zubrod--- Hole 17 Closest to pin 1st shot

Jerry Reif--- Hole 18 Long putt.